GateKeepr, the security system to replace doormen. Our goal was to make letting people in and out of your building as convenient as possible. Our hack consisted of three parts, a mobile app, a website and an application meant to run on a touchscreen outside of your building which is connected to an ID scanner for authentication purposes.. Using the website, a landlord can sign up his/her building to be part of our system and receive a unique code which he/she can distribute to his/her tenants for them to sign up. Tenants who are signed up to the system can at anytime scan their ID and will be granted access into the building. They can also, using the website, set 'appointments' for other people to enter the building. If a guest where to scan his ID within a time interval an appointment was set up for him, he would be given access into the building. Guests who scan their ID and do not already have an appointment are redirected to a screen with the list of tenants and are asked who they are here to see. After selecting a tenant, guests are asked for their phone number so that they can receive a notification when they are admitted into the building. The tenant requested will then get a notification with the name of the guest, in which case the tenant can grant or deny access, either way a text is sent to the guest and if access was granted, they can scan their ID again for entry.

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