Gas Track was inspired by the rise in gas prices due to the war in Ukraine. Following the summer theme, we believe that Gas Track would be helpful to anyone traveling during the summer, especially low-income families.

What it does

Gas Track showcases the gas stations in the city with their addresses and prices. This allows users to make cost-effective decisions about where and when they purchase gas. In the Gas Track web application, there is also a resources section that provides sources for those unable to afford transportation.

How we built it

Gas Track was built using Express Js, CSS, Bootstrap, and a web scraper using the Gas Buddy API. Our team used VSCode LiveShare and Github to work collaboratively. Gas Track was hosted the site using and Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Our original plan for our project was to use React for our frontend. Unfortunately, we ran into consistent module errors. To negate this we decided to use Express Js and made significantly more progress than before. Another idea that was not included in our project was the use of 3D models using Three Js however, there were issues importing Three Js and the idea had to be cut from the final prototype. Overall these challenges taught our team how to be flexible and problem-solving.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One accomplishment we're proud of is our gas tracking system. It is our first time adding web scrapping to a project and it was a crucial part of our project. Another accomplishment we're proud of is the useability of the project. When asking others if they would find an application like ours useful in daily life, the answer was always 'yes'. As young developers, it is our mission to build technology that can help others and we feel that this project has the potential to do so.

What's next for Gas Track

In the future, we would like to add features that would encourage environmentally friendly behaviors, such as adding public transportation locations and resources for sustainable travel. We believe that environmental impacts also need to be accounted for when finding transportation and that Gas Track and help with that. Please look forward to the future of Gas Track!

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