In the Web3 space, professionals often require a significant amount of Gas tokens for their work and learning endeavors. While there are various swaps available on the mainnet for acquiring tokens, the challenge lies in finding cross-chain solutions for purchasing Gas tokens. Additionally, existing testnet faucets often fall short of meeting the demands. The issuance is often too minimal, and there's an influx of individuals taking advantage of these resources, emphasizing the need for a more robust verification process to ensure security.

What it does

GasBridge, with the integration of the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), revolutionizes the way users handle Gas token transactions. Now, users can effortlessly pay fees on any blockchain supported by CCIP and receive Gas tokens on a different blockchain. This cross-chain functionality enhances flexibility and accessibility for Web3 professionals, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process for acquiring Gas tokens.

With GASBridge, one can:

Deposit USDT and withdraw native token from each mainnet Deposit USDT from mainnet and withdraw gas token from each testnet

How we built it

The development of GasBridge with CCIP involved a collaborative effort, leveraging advanced technologies for cross-chain transactions. The implementation required careful consideration of the interoperability aspects, ensuring a secure and reliable mechanism for users to transact seamlessly across different blockchains.

About GASBridge's Architecture

GASBridge Protocol is Cross-chain tool for smooth and instant transfer of gas tokens, not only direct transfer of mainnet, but also direct transfer of gas tokens between mainnet and testnet, powered by chainlink ccip.


Challenges we ran into

Integrating CCIP presented its own set of challenges, including ensuring compatibility with various blockchains and maintaining a high level of security. Overcoming these challenges required in-depth knowledge of cross-chain technologies and collaborative problem-solving among the team members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The successful integration of CCIP into GasBridge stands as a significant achievement. This accomplishment not only addresses the challenges faced by Web3 professionals but also contributes to the broader goal of advancing cross-chain interoperability in the blockchain space.

What we learned

The implementation of CCIP in GasBridge provided valuable insights into the complexities of cross-chain transactions. The team gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users transacting across different blockchains.

What's next for Gasbridge

As GasBridge continues to evolve, our next steps involve the integration of additional blockchains and tools to enhance the user experience further. We have plans to include support for a variety of chains, expanding beyond the current capabilities. The upcoming integrations will encompass platforms such as Wormhole, aptos, solana, sui, and celo, providing users with a comprehensive ecosystem for Gas token transactions.

Our commitment to versatility extends to the integration of various tools that align with the needs of Web3 professionals. This includes but is not limited to, seamless collaboration with Wormhole for cross-chain functionality, leveraging the capabilities of ripple, aptos, solana, sui, and celo to offer a diverse range of options for users.

GasBridge aims to become a centralized hub for Gas token transactions across multiple blockchains, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users navigating the dynamic Web3 landscape. We will actively engage with the community, gather feedback, and iteratively improve the platform to meet the evolving demands of the blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for a more inclusive and integrated GasBridge experience!

Team Members

  • Terry Role: CEO Background: Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley Experience: Former employee at Apple

  • Trach Role: CTO Education: Master's degree from Beijing Institute of Technology Experience: Technical expertise gained at ByteDance Technology Skills: Full-stack development

  • Blue Role: Chief Brand Officer Education: Graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai Experience: Professional background at ByteDance Technology Responsibilities: Overseeing brand strategy and communication

The GasBridge team comprises diverse and skilled individuals, each contributing their expertise to make GasBridge a leading platform in the Web3 space.

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