The inspiration for this project comes from the feeling that we all get when we need to fill up our gas tanks. The feeling of money draining from your wallet. The prices of gas are always rising but there will always be some gas stations that are selling it for cheaper than others. That is why we made Gas Price Comparer. It compares the price of gas stations near your location so you can always get the cheapest gas.

What it does

Gas Price Comparer will compare the prices of all gas stations near your area to give you the best deal on gas. It will let you know if you need a membership or not, the fuel grades each gas station offers, and their respective prices.

How we built it

We built Gas Price Comparer using Html, CSS, and Bootstrap. We focused on the frontend this time due to the time constraints of a hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

At first we were ambitious and wanted to also incorporate an API and a working backend to our project but we ran out of time. We just worked on the frontend on the last night and rounded out the rough parts and cleaned up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of us haven't worked on UI/UX design yet so we are proud of making a clean and simple frontend for our project. We learned a lot about bootstrap and it was a great experience.

What we learned

We learned a lot about frontend and UI/UX design during this project. We learned bootstrap and achieved a higher proficiency in Html and CSS.

What's next for Gas Price Comparer

There are still many features that we want to make. We want to make a working backend with an API that we originally were planning on using. The website still needs to update the map when we enter the zip code in. We would like to add a feature that allows you to plan road trips and Gas Price Comparer will tell you the cheapest route to take and what stops to take based on gas prices. Gas Price Comparer is definitely still a work in progress and there are many things to be done before it can be released but our team is dedicated to make this project a real website.

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