As developers, we like to come up with ideas that will be a solution to our daily problems. These ideas, can grow and become real solutions for many people. It is really important for us to work on a project that we are passionate about. And if we know, that the project will be useful for us, then we will really try to engineer it in a way to share with others, so they could benefit. The idea that we have actually came from "Gas Buddy" app. We all know the purpose of that app is to find the gas places with lower prices. However, while driving in an unfamiliar city or neighborhood, we notices that, shifting the attention to the app, is hard and not safe. This is where "Gas Hawk" gear app comes in. Watches, are one of the most accessible tools in wearables category. So we thought that while driving, all that drivers see in front of them, is their watch on their hand. Therefore, it is much safer and much more accessible. Gas Hawk is not just to save money, it is about finding the right gas place without searching for it, while driving in a new city.

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