I really don't like doing ideal gas law problems in chemistry, so I set out to make a tool so I no longer have to do them.

What it does

It takes in any three of pressure, volume, temperature, or moles, and returns the value for the fourth of an ideal gas.

How I built it

I built an Interface object that got input from the user and converted their input into units convenient for calculations and then sent those numbers to a Calculator object which was able to calculate the fourth value. The calculator then gave that back to the interface object, which printed it out.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly syntax bugs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The unit converter is really convenient to use and it has most of the commonly used units.

What I learned

I should separate functions between my objects better. The conversion of units should've been done in the calculator object, not the interface object.

What's next for gas calculator

Moving unit conversion from the interface object to the calculator object. Also make mass and element make-up an option as input for the moles aspect.

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