zeal to save farmers lives when I saw them killing themselves due to mounting financial losses they incurred due to the fradulent seeds, fertilizers pestcides they buy.

What it does

it empowers the buyer to identify the fraud products. But not only this , the product is having somany usecases , that made me make my product useful to many verticals like Army, Pharma,Delivery, Aviation, Automobile, Food delivery, Document delivery , Making it easy to be FDA IQ compliance ..and many more.

How I built it

Architected, designed my own chip (IOT) got it made by an HW specialist, Used Blockchain ( i am certified BC consultant) , used AWS cloud services, Mobile app , Used security methods for communication etc

Challenges I ran into

Several, main challenge i think is when an asset is transfered in blockchain ( i used Multichain Open src) the digital asset reaches receiver with in seconds but physical asset is not. I resolved this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A fully working product with somany advanced tehnologies integrated, but still extremely easy to operate by end user.

What I learned

leaning advanced technoloies is easy, making a product by inegrating all these with our experience and making it useful to common man, and better lives of society is the crux.this is what i learned.

Technically, we must make our design in such a way that it should be easy to scale , adaptive to many technologies in vogue and economically feasible for the intended users.

What's next for GARIYASI

A new communication method is being researched which will render our product not to have a requirement of GPS or Internet.which will make a new world !!! Thanks

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