The Garden Watcher

April 2018


This HornetHacks 2018 project was created by Steven Tat, Eric Telles, Jimmy Le, and Craig Crovak.


Garduino is an IoT device that senses information about the environment and sends the data back to the users. Garduino specifically senses the current temperature, humidity, light intensity, and moisture within a garden. Then, this information is transferred to the user by using Twitter.


We as college students have very little time because of our workload. Since we have little free time, we tend to neglect our personal responsibilities.

How It Works

Our project essentially utilizes multiple sensors and tools to keeping running consistently.

  • Arduino
  • Sensors
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Twitter API

The Twitter API provides a quick method to upload gardening data to multiple internet devices. By using a Twitter account, the gardening data is able to be tweeted and received by its owner.

Thank you very much to the many hackers around us for their support and helpful tips. Special thanks to the HornetHacks organizers for working so hard to provide food, hardware, and mentorship for all the hackers.

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