We wanted to create a game combining the vastly different themes of space and gardening, so Gardening of the Galaxy was born.

What it does

Gardening of the Galaxy is an action-strategy game in which the player pilots a botanical spaceship and races against the forces of pollution to control a set of 7 planets. The player spreads nature by planting seeds via bombs, while the forces of pollution deploy colonial ships that destroy the environment. The player and enemies engage in spaceship combat alongside fleets spawned by their controlled planets.

The game is played as a real-time action strategy: The player and enemy start off controlling just 1 planet each and the goal is to conquer the enemy's home base, which is in the opposite side. Each planet spawns helper spaceships that defend the planet and attack the enemy.

Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to finish the game due to technical issues, but we were able to polish the game mechanics that we had as well as the aesthetic.

How we built it

We used Unity for the game, C# to program, and Blender to hand-make custom models.

Challenges we ran into

Unity and GitHub, our version control system, were extremely finicky and caused our progress to reset multiple times. We had to debug Unity's core components as well as seek alternate software like Google Drive to accomplish the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud of how the game looks because all of the materials were handmade, from the galaxy to planets to spaceship model. We are also proud of the ship movement system because it took quite a while to tune and feel comfortable.

What we learned

To always backup, to pay attention to scope, to not lose motivation

What's next for Gardening of the Galaxy

We plan to create the game part as soon as we can to have it be playable.

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