Gardeneers is a web app that merges urban gardening with social networking to promote a holistically greener lifestyle.

FIND: Users are able to either find existing urban/community gardens, or create their own.

GROW: The platform allows users from all gardens to post updates about their crops or share tips with fellow gardeners

SHARE: Use the marketplace to buy/trade/sell what you've grown with other Gardeneers!

Many New Yorkers love to grow herbs and veggies in their apartments, or within community gardens. With Gardeneers, fellow gardening fanatics can share tips and tricks with success stories in their growing space. Additionally, this platform generates a new economy of scale. Urban gardeners are no longer limited to the crops that are produced in their own garden. By providing a network for all urban gardeners, users can take advantage of their speciality crops and trade for other items that other gardeners are growing.

This concept celebrates the notion of collaborative consumption, where communities seize the opportunity to proactively lower their carbon footprint by engaging in bartering, trading, and sharing methods.

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