Do you know how gardening? If I were to give you a seed, could you potentially grow a plant or a tree out of it. Well, I certainly couldn't and I'm sure 95% of us will not be able to do so. So I began to think how can we help in gardening and what can we do. I realized, I don't know anything about gardening myself. So I thought how to help others with gardening without just making a simple info app for gardening just like wikipedia. So we decided to build a web app for monitoring and tracking your plant growth progress along the way. This is how our idea stands out as it monitors the progress in real time.

What it does

So this app will basically help a novice or a beginner who wants to learn gardening in a practical way. There will be the information of several common plants and species. Once the user decides which plant they want to grow, they will be shown the timeline of the plant growth as shown in the timeline page. This will show the various stages of the plant growth, sowing the seed, watering, germination, flower/fruit growth and then full development. Then there will be common facts and info about the plant in the info section. The home page will contain the list of all the plants species. Clicking on a specific plant will take you to its timeline and the info pages. Also there is a login and registration for people to save the timeline of the plant they wish to grow.

How we built it

We started by building it using React and creating the front end. Then we created the webpages needed for the app. We built the UI on Figma and tried following it. We also tried making the login and registration page and use the firebase to connect it to the app. We followed the redux method when one of our experienced members joined the team later and told us about it. We also tried to integrate the API for the data needed for the app.

Challenges we ran into

Initially our code wasn't well documented but later one of our team mates updated it later to make sure it follows redux. Also we couldn't find a good API which consists all the info we need so that's a bummer there as well. Our code was having problem to clone from GitHub and then running it on our personal machines but then we realized that the repo didn't have package.json. Login page was something we decided on later so that as well, but due to some mis-communication, we couldn't make it fully, so we dropped it for this release.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learnt more about the mistakes we made and how to not make it again. Since we're beginners we don't know much about the things and we're learning it on the way. One of our team members is experienced and his knowledge helped us a lot and we learnt from it.

What we learned

How to use GitHub Desktop, merging, pull requests. Redux mechanism. API calling methods.

What's next for HappyGardening

Timeline feature will be attached along with the login and registration to track the progress of your plants' growth. In upcoming releases, we will launch a search bar on the timeline and info pages so that they can directly for what they need to. The progress bars will be shown in upcoming releases of this idea.


Web app on GitHub Repository link below

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