Cognitive Bot which helps diagnosis of plant diseases and suggest medicines and cure. Nature should be preserved and this is our small effort to play our role into it.

What it does

This bot has been trained with large set of image data of plant diseases. It takes images of infected part of plant like leaves, root, fruits etc in real time and analyse it to find infection type and disease, It suggests medicine and procedure to apply that medicine.

How I built it

It has been built using core features of Amazon Lex and Slack, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB. Also Cognitive features has been added to enhance its power or Slack and Lex.

Challenges I ran into

At the core Lex provides support for Text and Voice, so we added image processing power to it by using Slack Webhook APIs and NodeJS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud of our product. It just does not use core features of Lex and Slack but add Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence features on top of it which makes it Unique and out of the box

What I learned

We learned core features of Lex, Lambda, DynamoDB and tremendous features of Slack.

What's next for GardenBot

We are going to add more cognitive features to it and take it to new heights.

Built With

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