What it does

Garden sharing is an application to facilitate the management of community gardens. The aim is to put in touch garden owners and gardeners. We also want to help the gardeners to grow their plants by giving them smart advises based to sensors, weather and plant information.

So our application has two aspects:

** Cities & private garden owners: **

It allows cities to propose rent offers of community gardens to their citizens. It gives them a good image in terms of ecology / bio / green city and local consumption.

It also allows private garden owners to divide their garden into plots and to create rent offers. It is an easy way for them to be put in touch with potential gardeners and to help them in the administrative process.

** Co-Gardeners: **

The idea is to allow people who have no land to rent a plot in order to grow their own vegetables. We want to develop our application to facilitate the management of their garden by giving them advices based on sensors put in the plot and on weather. The idea is also to develop the community aspect by proposing a barter place, by allowing user to give/receive advice from other gardeners.

** Citizens: **

For citizens who want to become gardener, we would like to propose a location service to find community gardens around them and a payment service to subscribe to the available offers.

How we built it

The web application uses AngularJS 2. A garden owner can propose his lands for rent through it. Interested gardeners can find all the rent offers and subscribe to one of them.

The mobile application is developed in Android. REST connection with the server.

The backend is base on Node red. We use various APIs:

  • TMForum Catalogue management API
  • IBM Weather API
  • True position Location API

Built With

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