Wouldn't you love to have the absolute PERFECT garden? What if you could have your very own personal assistant - Gnomy the Garden Gnome who will guide you to a sustainable miracle garden.

By engaging the Gardening community, Gnomy, the ultimate guide to the perfect garden can help reduce irrigation water use by up to an astounding 90% (Not Kidding).

With the average California single family residence using 92,400 gallons of water on irrigation, the Gnomy suite of products and services is the most effective tool for solving the drought.

How it works

Using intelligent garden mapping through photos, Gnomy analyzes gardens and uses a combo of products and services to reduce water use.

The products:

  • Smart Yard Care system that uses its knowledge of the plants in your yard and their arrangement to design custom, automated yard care plans.

-Custom Printed Sprinkler Heads: Use yard layout data and plant care data to 3D print sprinkler heads that optimize water usage, increasing uniformity quotient and saving up to 40% of water

-Community: Move the concept of a community garden online, connecting experts and enthusiasts. Get access to the best care plans, garden services, and order garden consumables based on personalized product recommendations.

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