Team 6: Garden Gift

A web app that connects people who want to donate produce with those who need it.

If we had more time: Hook up to backend server to save data Add ability to remove offers for produce Ability to search for certain kinds of produce Ability to make a profile with stats Earn points for donating produce (gamification) Add a chat feature to coordinate sharing

Target Audience:

Low income families in need of produce that don’t speak much English and aren’t experienced with most tech.

How each team member contributed:

Michael: Created final wireframes. Built out mock-up module that later became a final product.

Brett: Got map to render on screen. Composed the architecture of our files. General merge conflict wrangler.

Rebecca: Created icon for app. Oversaw project to completion. Helped create logo on landing page. Created start for backend. Gave everyone tons of support.

Cordelia: Contributed to the overall planning of project, backend, design, and the logo. Made sure everyone participated.

Tyler: Created form to fill out when adding new listing. Did some styling to the page. Worked on wireframes. Presentation maven. Filler out of forms.

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