During my last hackathon, I created a garden hardware hack and learned a lot about gardening. However, I wanted to expand my knowledge on gardening. I was unable to put much effort into this activity because I spent a lot of time on discord and was afraid or starting out a garden of my own.

Since ALL great things are combined to make an even better thing (like ramen and crushed doritos). So, I decided to combine the act of discord-ing and gardening to create the Garden Planner Game. This is a bot that not only helps someone who is interested in gardening by simulating real gardening conditions via a discord bot, but also is a game so that even though there is no physical movement involved to water your leafy greens, a different fun aspect of a game is present.

What it does

As of right now, the Java code takes the mock weather api data and assesses it against the type of plant you would like to grow. It gives you helpful suggestions on what you should do (ex. water the plant if the humidity is low or take the plant inside if the weather condions are not ideal). It also gives you points based on if you decide to check in and do the task or not.

How I made it

The current "discord bot" is made written in Java in the Eclipse environment, where the console is serving as the messages. However, I hope to switch to Python because that language has proved to be more compatible with what I am trying to acheive with the APIs. Some examples of an actual discord bot are included to show what I would visually want it to look like. I also created some art with pixel art for the bot profile. To be more specific about the Java code: I created a mock Weather API. Then, I formatted the data from the mock file in the Java terminal to mimic what the discord messages would look like. I designed a box-like structure to organize the data in the terminal. I planned out the design in google docs as it was available offline. THe box would hold relevant information such as location, humidity, temperature, and weather conditions. Underneath the box, there will be two lines, both relating to what to do to take care of the plant or produce you have planted. There will also be a third line with a random event that occurs. This event might be good or bad. This is where the game aspect of the boat comes in. If it is a good event, the user earns 10 XP. If it is a bad event, the user loses 10XP. The goal is to at least maintain 0 XP or more. Some notable things I used were: Arrays, ArrayLists, terminate, and scanner.

Challenges we ran into

I had very little access to the internet, so I wasn't initially able to contribute to the Discord Bot and had to use Java to mimic the discord bot in the console because that was what was available.

What I really like about Garden Planner Game

I am pleasantly surprised that this idea combines gardening, discord, and an element of gaming. I am really excited to use the weather API to use on the plant simulation, because I think it will be really fun to experiment with my location's weather (and also see how my plants would do in remote or lesser known locations as well just for kicks).

Learning curve:

I initially started out with python and then moved on to java because I knew the language better and because I did not have internet access. I learned a little bit of python when I did have access to the internet. I was able to create a very redimentary discord bot in Python. However, the biggest thing I was able to take away from this experience would be that it is very difficult to code a discord bot and learn a new language at the same time (that being Python).

What's next for Garden Game Planner

I will be using the actual weather API instead of mock data. I will also improve all my comments and the fact that I used a String compare method to compare humidity and temperature instead of int values. Additionally, I hope to use emojis so that the user can react to messages to guide their fate instead of //assuming that they earned the 10 XP. Earning XP should also take some grid to get. For example, If the user is asked to move their garden indoors, there should be a little maze game to move their garden to their home to earn the XP. I will most likely change the name of the game to make it shorter so it has a ring to it and this i will help spread the word around and marketing the bot so that it reaches a wide audience. Addtionally, in term of marketing, I will hopefully be able to share the bot in the Gardening Discord server so that I can build a community around the bot. *Finally, I would love to integrate it to the server I am creating, and have the bot running with a RASPBERRY PI. With the raspberry pi, I would host the bot on there. *

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