Many marginalized communities have limited access to fresh produce. When looking in suburban areas as opposed to areas with more individuals of color.

What it does

This website would provide access to a community that is willing to help care for and build community gardens across the United States. People who are willing to swap seeds or plants with other people would be able to add their swap options on the web app for others to see. Moreover, we also teach you how to start your own community garden through our blogs.

How we built it

Garden for Change is made by a team that consists of a mixture of developers and designers. All members were able to get involved in designing, coding, as well as researching. For the Front-end, we use: ReactJs framework and Redux. For the Back-end, we use: NodeJs and Express. Database: MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

As our team is mostly first-time hackathon participants, the passionate fire of wanting to create an extremely awesome website is blown away as we encountered the wall of our own lack of experience. That is when we remember the keynotes from the Black Wings Hack's organizers about the theme of this hackathon:

Technology Empathy - keeping the actual users in mind and making sure to visualize how would they use the app...

The message helped us to not hesitate in changing the initial user's flow, but continue to challenge ourselves by asking how we can make the experience for the users more simple, yet, definitely make an IMPACT!

As a result, you can see that we have switched from the abundant to a more minimal but clearer user flow:


Alt text


Alt text

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Final User Flow

Alt text

Moodboard and Theme

Alt text

Low-fi Prototypes

Alt text

High-fi Prototype

Alt text

What's next for Garden for Change

  1. Ideas on what kind of fruits and vegetables to the garden (BLOG)
  2. A mobile application!
  3. An up to date web app!
  4. A live chat feature to connect with the community
  5. Recipe ideas for once your garden starts growing (BLOG)
  6. Option to sell crops at affordable prices
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