Following the famous quote "One man's trash is another man's treasure.", we leverage the power of crowd-sourcing to bridge the gap between economic realities and sustainability goals. We optimize already existing truck networks to transport waste materials on their empty load trips, leading to a more sustainable tomorrow.

What it does

We’re using crowd-sourcing in order to locate plastic waste (PW) as well as construction and demolition waste (CDW). Anyone can add a local waste spot to our web app by making an entry and providing details like amount, and optionally supply a picture.

We then optimize the routing of trucks delivering construction materials to traverse pick-up spots for the trash on their empty-load trips.

How we built it

We opted for a mapbox-based web app with React (javascript), utilizing Flask (Python) and Firebase as our backend. To balance the profitability of transport (CO2) cost and sustainability (recycling) we came up with an inequality in order to decide if a truck should take a detour to pick up waste from the available pick-up spots.

Challenges we ran into

Solving the dynamic adding of new waste locations and making the routing for the trucks as time- and cost-efficient as possible was our biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get a running prototype and deployed our web-app.

What we learned

Communication, Teamwork and how to distribute work in an efficient manner with a team of five people.

What's next for Garbage_Collector

Take over the trash of the world.

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