The team

We're a group of grade 10 students. Our members include:

  • Misha Larionov, who is at his 4th hackathon. His first was Hack Western II.
  • Nicholas Carr, who is at his 3rd hackathon. His first was MasseyHacks II.
  • Samyar Vahid, who is at his 3rd hackathon. His first was MasseyHacks II.
  • Joey Chik, who is at his first hackathon!

None of the team members have any previous experience with Unity3D, so this is a whole new experience for us.


Some people just don't know what to do with their trash. No matter how many signs you put up, people are always going to end up throwing their banana peels in the trash. Our team gets really annoyed by this problem, so we set out to create an affordable and immersive application for people to learn what to do with their trash.


We decided to build a VR app because we feel that people will better remember their experience if they experience it as an immersive game. At first, we considered using Oculus but then decided that this would be too prohibitively expensive to have any meaningful impact. We then decided to go with Google Cardboard because it's really easy to get and runs on most phones. With Google Cardboard, we can upload our application to the Play Store and have it instantly accessible to millions of users at no cost to them, without relying on our users having expensive hardware to run our app.

How we built it

We used Unity3D with the GoogleVR package. Our main code was written in C#

Built With

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