Our was inspiration was from people who were panic buying resources (and households on average keep 1% of their materials/resources 6 months after purchase).

There will be a lot of house waste, and this would lead to detrimental negative effects on the environment.

We wanted to bring awareness to everybody affected by this Pandemic in this economy to shop, eat and recycle smart and efficiently, and also connect these people with local business as well as others in the community.

What it does

It's an app that provides people with tools to support them with household waste and earn points while doing it. They can obtain rewards which they can spend on local businesses who are sustainable. It allows users to connect with their community and see how "green" other communities are as well.

How I built it

NodeJS, Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of understanding of what would motivate people to use the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We worked together and collaborated as a team from an idea to exection to submission (it's only been a weekend, but feels like we've worked together for longer :)) and it's been a great experience!

What I learned

The amount of waste annually in each household in Australia is a significant number I wasn't aware of before. The number of food and household waste is huge compared to what any of us previously thought.

What's next for Garbage Pride

Feedback from the judges. Hopefully a release into the real World, and make a real impact on the World.

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