When discussing ideas, Rempee bought up the current waste situation in her town. She used it as an example and with that, Yuming and Pakigya discussed how their town handled waste management. Together we thought of ways to improve the current situation into a more efficient way.

What it does

With GarbageMonster, residents will be able to track when, where, and what garbage pickup will consist of. It will also have a special feature (Request a Pickup) for residents to contact the city's waste management team directly and not feel ignored. There's also a game feature for kids to be interactive in how waste management services work!

How we built it

We did a lot of online research on waste management locations and waste categories. Our team used Android Studio, Java language, and Pop for the mock-up design.

Challenges we ran into

We were unsure of what audience we should target this app towards. We wanted it to be useful for residents to receive on action support, but also educate our young residents so they can be more involved with city needs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to make something that can really answers the concerns of residents, and also teach the young folks how important waste management is! We are also happy we that we were able to tackle this issue together, sharing knowledge from different areas.

What we learned

Together we learned, and taught each other the bits of Android Studio. We also suggested different languages and programs to each other.

What's next for Garbage Monster

GarbageMonster will continue to develop in the future. Maybe after developing, it can be presented to potential towns that are interested in increasing their waste management effectiveness and from there on, can start with Garbage Monster.

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