A good website can be the difference in being an influencer, making waves in a society, its the face of a company a movement, and change. The inspiration for this project came from Patience Melnik and her clear explanation for her needs during this hackathon i.e. an increase of awareness of how to manage personal sanitation in regard to Knoxville, not only for those who are making mistakes in sanitation but also to those who want to keep Knoxville's landfills low.

What it does

Our Web App not only has a sign-up page to receive weekly tips on how to better manage one's waste in Knoxville, but also has real live data that encourages waste reduction and educates the greater Knoxville community.

How we built it

We started from design to application path creating visual mockups on adobe cloud based on the prompt kindly provided to us by Patience Melnik.

Afterward, we worked together to think of helpful structures to go along with our design, which eventually translated into our Wordpress/google-cloud stack. We created data structures within WordPress that not only contained post types to handle our data but also present rich visuals, and finally, we made sure our web-app had a message "Garbage Done Right".

Challenges we ran into

We started out with 4 members, who were inexperienced and sided with leaving the group, in response, we reassessed our workload and omitted the post-card/email system we originally were going to incorporate into our design.

Creating a high-quality product within itself is a challenge, much more so considering a short timeline, but our team pulled ahead and worked tirelessly into the next morning to create something impactful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of the teamwork that allowed us to keep going despite losing two members of our team within a couple of hours into the day. Also our ability to take the finely detailed dataset and process and create lively visual representations, building on complex data.

What we learned

New applications for Wordpress, advanced ajax in the Wordpress framework, the usefulness of cloud functions in google cloud and new implementations and strategies of manipulating data.

What's next for Garbage Geek

We are excited to build stronger and better applications for the future, with a new found respect for garbage and the responsibility we all share to try to make Knoxville a better place.

Please note our website is mainly for mobile, best experience on a mobile device.

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