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Our prototype is working with 93% of accuracy. Unlike hundreds of years ago, most of our waste increasingly belongs in the biodegradable category. This means simple waste management techniques such as burying and burning aren’t as effective any more. Here’s a few reasons why waste management is very important today. Waste management can be profitable Recycling and waste management can lead to bigger profits for companies – especially in the food industry. Simply by planning and portioning ingredients, as well as keeping an efficient supply chain, companies such as restaurants, supermarkets and food factories can boost profits by as much as 10%.And here we come, We are collecting waste from these restaurants, supermarkets, and food factories, as well as local shops and residential areas, and divide them category wise and recycle them and sell or reuse the necessary parts like metals, recycled glass, fertilizers, recycled electronic parts, etc.


The solution is pretty clear and simple, but t he question is does this solution have the potential to impacts globally? well, there are some companies in India ,doing this kind of waste management and they make profit by either making fertilizers or selling the recycled parts ,But we take this concept a little more further with the help of advanced technology as mention above. So, we are not just collecting waste from residential area, we are collection most of the waste from food factories, supermarkets, and restaurants as well and for the recycling part, we are dividing these waste indifferent category with help of software to detect different type of waste that we have developed. So this solution is more advanced from any other companies and advanced too. Globally it will make a big impact after few years of our operations.


Unlike any other companies, we are not just collecting the waste from only residential areas, by also from the different restaurants and supermarket as well as industries, and moreover with the help of our software to detect the hazardous and useful waste, we are also creating more recyclable categories.

Use of Technology:

In our prototype for Waste management , there is no hardware requirement other than camera. We are using Python Deep Learning, AI, Tensor flow JS, JavaScript, Ajax, Bootstrap, J Query for our software engine to detect various types of wastes.

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