In recent history, waste misplacement and ignorance has harmed countless animal, degraded our environment and health, and has costed us millions of dollars each year. Even with our current progressive education system, Canadians are still often unsure as to what their waste is categorized by. For this reason, we believe that we have a duty to show them where their waste should go, in a simple, and innovative way.

What it does

Garb-Sort is a mobile app that allows users to find out how to dispose of their garbage at the touch of a button. By taking a picture of the garbage, Garb-Sort will tell you if it belongs in the recycling, compost, landfill or should be disposed specially.

How we built it

On the back end, Garb-Sort passes the taken photo to Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services to identify the object in the photo. Garb-Sort then queries a SQL Database based on Microsoft Azure for where the recognized item should be disposed.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout Garb-Sort’s development, we were faced with several challenges. A main feature of our app is to implement Microsoft’s Azure Computer Vision API to detect and classify objects within photos passing through our system. The challenge here was to figure out how to transfer the Computer Vision API with our SQL database that we developed on a separate platform. Implementing within Android Studio was difficult as some functions were depreciated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to take a step towards improving environmental care.

What we learned

It is hard to utilize Microsoft Azure APIs. Documentations are sparse for some languages.

What's next for Garb Sort

In the future, we would like to add a map that details the location of waste bins so that waste disposal would require minimal effort.

Built With

  • azure
  • azure-database
  • okhttp
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