One day, when driving by an unsuspecting person's house, a member's parent accidentally opened someone else's garage. Luckily, it was done with no ill intent but this showed to us just how easily others could access our own garages. After researching more, we realized just how bad the security of our garages was and how high the cost for any sort of solution for it was. So, since we had originally planned to work more and learn more about Raspberry Pi's, we decided to work on coding a Raspberry Pi that could fulfill the goal we had set.

What it does

The GaragePi prevents others from easily being able to access your garage and, in doing so, accessing the rest of your house. It allows the monitoring of who opens your garage and guardians to check when their children arrive home. It can also be used to remotely communicate with anyone in the garage and also mask the frequency of the garage door.

How we built it

We built it using a Raspberry Pi and coding it using Python, HTML, and CSS. We had previously 3D printed a case for the Raspberry Pi and, after finding our inspiration, turned the Raspberry Pi into a project with a purpose.

Challenges we ran into

We initially ran into problems with setting up the Raspberry Pi, having to reinstall the Rasbian since it wasn't sending any signal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first time we've worked on a project using the Raspberry Pi as the main focus and we also managed to innovate in a field that hasn't been focused on as much as it should've, so we're very proud that the product turned out well enough that it should theoretically work.

What we learned

We learned how to more effectively use our time and communicate with each other better. We also learned how to deal with unexpected circumstances, as we originally had two more teammates that had to leave due to unforeseen emergencies. We improvised and managed to finish our project on time.

What's next for GaragePi

We plan to improve the camera quality as well as the aesthetics of GaragePi in the future. We also plan to test it more with actual garage doors, along with developing the ios and android app that will be paired with the GaragePi in the future.

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