My inspiration to create gantzerbot was make a tool for automate several tedious tasks, like redeem automatically, run commands associated to rewards the redemptions, publish in social media the stream when i go to online on twitch, read messages of chat, and more.

What it does

Automate several tasks like run commands automatically on redemptions, auto-redeem, auto-publish streams on social media and more

Optimized for mobile devices

This platform is optimized for mobiles devices, the console users and pc users can use in several platforms

Main Menu

Rewards list

How we built it

This project started as something personal, with discord and twitch integration, with pass of time the people question to me what bot i use, and in that moment i decided publish it... The testers and users give me several ideas and report bugs for improve the product.

Technologies used in this platform

  • Python/Django
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • VueJS
  • Quasar framework

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge is make it easy to final user, the UX testing is very important for a project and always is hard make user interfaces easy to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Is a product used for serveral streamers, and several testers that collaborate reporting bugs and give ideas.

What we learned

we learned to make community, sound simple but it's harder than we think

What's next for GantzerBot

  • Added automation for enable or disabled rewards for week days
  • Automation of publish of clips on social media
  • integration with instagram
  • Integration with youtube to publish twitch clips and featured videos on youtube
  • Integration with apis like (streamelements, streamlabs, streamloots and more)
  • Bug fixes and more bug fixes :D

Thanks to testers

  • blazee00
  • franncoise_23
  • thismile
  • don_corrupto
  • eltejuino
  • wayk22
  • loliabby
  • aalessa
  • emerickvar

Thanks to subscribers

  • wondermayo
  • crisixweed
  • javiv95

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