Make it easy for our dev team to embrace devOps tools, and leverage those tools to deliver high quality and faster.

What it does

From Slack users (developers) can interact with GitHub repositories to view open and closed issues. From Slack users (developers) can interact with JIRA projects to view Open and closed issues.

How we built it

A team of two was quickly formed after we found out about the challenge.

  • We started by understanding and playing with Amazon lex (Intents, slots , etc) and by reading the available on Amazon-lex site.
  • Next step ensure that the end to end integration between Slack and Amazon lex was done.
  • Next step was to figure out how to work with lambda. We downloaded eclipse and in the process we become very comfortable with S3.
  • Next we tested calling a lambda function from our lex bot.
  • Next We tested the integration between our lambda function with GitHub APIs and JIRA APIs.
  • Last we cleaned up the code by storing repository connectivity information inside DynamoDB.
  • The rest is history ..and was fun!!!

Challenges we ran into

Little Lex Java API documentation exists to assist developers implements lambda logic in java. We had to find ways to intercept JSON instructions from lex in order for us to understand the structure of the request and responses coming from lex.

We had difficulties inputing Long Numbers into our bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were exited to see our bot working inside slack, we were exited when we first succeeded with successfully reading instructions from lex into our lambda (Java 8) implementation inspire of the limited documentation. :-)

What we learned

WOW .. we have learnt a lot ... We got close and personal with Slack Apps, The team has got the chance to experience the power of cloud based amazon products such as DynamoDB, Lambda, Lex ,S3 and this made us realize how relevant those products are to our African Market.

What's next for ganizanibot

We are going to integrate it with other interesting devOps tools such as Jenkins,chef, etc .. .we are going to need to figure out how to read long numbers to enable

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