Only 2 months into 2021 and Vietnam has recorded 10.000 cases of people seeking help online for being the victims of financial fraud. Why is there such a large number of people deciding to ask for advice on social networks instead of approaching authorities? 🤔

Problem is, most authorities in Vietnam operate under complicated procedures and fragmented data systems making it hard for people to access 'the right knowledge, at the right time'.
It is either too late to know that with your leaked identity number, scammers had wired you to a loan without your consent, or taking forever to process reports that scammers have already run off with your money.

Better access to credible information is the key solution to tackle financial fraud and GANESH is just the right tool. 👺GANESH is an inclusive datahub for fraud prevention.

What it does

Our feature includes:

  • SCAM DICTIONARY provides information about how to recognise, prevent and avoid scams before they happen.
  • If you are a victim, the GET HELP feature provides a detailed guideline to report your case and reach authorities on time.
  • NEWS & STATISTICS provides insights into the current criminal situation. You can choose to have alarms of the new scamming method soaring in your region. Subscribe to the latest scam news in your preference and share the information to protect your friends and family too.

What's next for GANESH

👉 Our next steps are to improve data infrastructure, establish more partnerships and strengthen legislation for customer needs. That’s why we are looking for data engineers to join our team, legal consultants and collaboration with partners such as banking, credit institutions and insurance firms.

🐄🦑🦖If you have any question or wish to collaborate, don’t hesitate to drop an email at or 🦹🏻‍♀️🦸🏻Looking forward to connecting soon! @LinhChu @QuangPham

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