As we are from a big University that accomodates 35000+ students from UK, we have fairly big TechSoc that we are trying our best to make the best society in the University. So we run events accross the year ranging from TechTalks, workshops, Hackathons and Office Tours all for free!! Events are awesome, but when you have a continuous stream of events even if they are high quality events, since they are free there isn't enough incentive for people to come to events. This applies for hackathons and meetups as well.

Another important thing to note is that we don't normally get enough metrics about attendees and frequency of their attendace to this meetings/events. This is what we are trying to solve here by making Gamy McGameFace.

What it does

A user registers to go for an event. User has our app installed in their phone. One organiser of the event will register the event in facebook with the UUID stamp of the iBeacon they are using. As soon as the user opens up the app in the event the iBeacon will send the UUID and the confirms it with my server which interacts with the microservice that pulls data from facebook page events to confirm the user has attended the event. So we reward the user with points. Each subsequent attendance get more and more points and badges (probably extra swagsssss)!!

How we built it

There are three Major part to this,

Python AWS lambda Microservice

This is an API we created to pull the data about events and location details.

Django API based Server

The mobile app interacts with this server to to register the user in to the event and find out current events when the user picks up his phone. The server also acts as the pipeline to the AWS lambda microserver.

Mobile App

This app we created in React Native uses those APIs we built to find the iBeacon transmits and let the server know that the user has attended the event.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting react native work on the Windows was a huge pain. Took almost a whole day
  • The scope of the project is quite broad and neeed a lot explanation, so simplifying it enough to attract hackathon attention is a huge task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a fairly good MVP up and running!

What we learned

*Learned not to use Windows for development. *Brainstormed a lot about the user story of a complex product that interacts with 2+ services at the same time!

What's next for Gamy McGameFace

We are going to build upon this project and use it for actual events to show as an example how we can successfully implement a gamification of event attendence idea and thus inviting organisations like MLH to try this out.

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