One of our friends who went to the library had his wallet stolen from him from his study space. He was not able to find the wallet and when asked the security at the library to help identify the perpetrator, they where not able to do so. Also, during another instance, a student in the library was in a video call with her friend so that she could leave her belongings unattended, and go for a quick washroom break. These two instances sparked an idea, that we could build an app that could enable people move around without having to worry about their personal belongings being stolen. With GamseeAI doing its job in the background, users now no longer need to worry about their personal belongings being stolen.

What it does

GamseeAI uses the webcam on the user's device to keep track of the items within its field of view and saves a recording of it. If the application detects any kind of motion within close proximity to the device, it takes a picture of the object responsible for this motion, and immediately sends a notification to the user about the suspicious activity

How we built it

We primarily used Python and its various modules to develop GamseeAI. As we had just learned Python at UTSC from CSCA08, we had absolutely no past experience with these modules. GamseeAI uses the OpenCV module which helps us to identify any motion proximal to the device and takes a photo of the activity. Furthermore, we used the smtplib module to send an email notification to the user of the device alarming him about the suspicious activity by attaching the image taken by the app before.

Challenges we ran into

We did hit a lot of roadblocks on our way in pursuing this project. As we had no past experience using these special libraries, we encountered many difficulties in our way; For example, we did not know how to notify users about the suspicious activity taking place, which required us to figure out a way to notify them by sending an email at the moment the malicious activity is suspected. One of the last problems we faced, was to figure out where to store the images captured, on different user's devices. These roadblocks, even though they took time to solve, made us learn and apply them in the next problem we faced.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

As much as internal security is important, we also should be careful about the theft of our expensive devices. We believe that one of our main accomplishments is that we could solve a problem that people will immensely benefit from. We are proud that we could create and implement an idea that could immensely benefit every user and enhance the security of his device. Alternatively, It allowed us to have a better understanding of the Python language. We are also proud of the fact that we were able to develop an idea and execute it at our first Hackathon. Finally being able to learn enough information about the different modules and their respective functions in a short amount of time is also another great accomplishment we are proud of.

What we learned

We have learned quite a few different things that we hope to take back to our university. Team Organization is an important skill that we developed during this hackathon. Our team put their heart and soul into this project and came up with a solution to a critical problem we were facing. We learned that if we face an obstacle, we should not be shy to ask for help and take advice from our mentors.

What's next for GamseeAI

In the future, we hope to expand our horizons and add additional important features to this app. For example, we hope to be able to provide a better UI for the users to use and also reduce the lag on the devices. We believe that in a short time, we will be able to make the application mac compatible. We also hope to make a mobile application compatible on both iOS and Android which will help better serve the users and offer more features such as locking their devices when they are not nearby.

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