Originally, we intended to create a medicine-reminder app however we realised that we wanted to do something with more play with a focus on the elderly population so with a bit more thinking - what's more play (and meaningful) than a game that serves dementia patients?

What it does

It's a brain game that exercises short-term memory in hopes to boost long-term memory. GaminGrand has a cooking theme and does the latter through giving users a set of images of the ingredients for a particular recipe and users are given 30 seconds to remember it. After which, the game will ask the user to recall the ingredients through clicking the respective items. If all are correct, the game will bring you to unlock the next level where it gets harder along the way (more items to remember, short time, etc).

How we built it

We used Figma to prototype the App and provide it a visual structure and since our team has unique yet very different expertise, we used Python for Backend, Visual Studio for User Interface, and Swift, as a lubricant, to make it running on iOS.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we spent a large amount of time figuring out which platform we can collectively work on however. From Kivy, Visual Studio Code, Node, Game Maker Studio to Xcode but we didn't have matching skillsets (couldn't write the same language), it was quite frustrating. It didn't seem we would have anything done and a few people hopped onto our hacker room to chat since they were done, so anxiety ensues. Halfway mark, we ended up using our strengths as an individual and maximised the languages (of code and design) we know best - it was like a harmony of sharks.

Though as we come close to finishing, XCode for Swift died from the plague, our main lubricant. It crashed and we lost all our lines of code to keep it running. Fortunately, we had our eggs in many baskets and we were able to use the code on Visual Studio and the logic of Python to make it (somewhat) functional, in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing it! The taste of Redbull or cheerios could no longer satisfy our dire need for sleep - it was not enough to power (but it was enough to pull an all-nighter) through the many mishaps and since we were all operating in different timezones (one member is in Hong Kong and 13 hours ahead), communications were a bit iffy. So coming remotely close to a finished product is definitely a Win and an extra thrill knowing we just went through all that is just wow.

What we learned

1) Timezones don't mean people are ignoring you 2) Having many eggs in the basket can save lots of time and effort during unforeseen casualties 3) Individuality can sometimes be the very thing that saves the team

What's next for GaminGrand

If the stars align, we hope to continue adding more intuitive games and levels hoping to bring some sort of happiness, meaning and simultaneously contributing to the users health as well!

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