We were inspired by many companies who helped us opening our eyes toward the problems they are facing and the problems the climate changing will bring to everyone in the next few years.

  • ACCENTURE & CLIMEWORKS, made us realize we need to act now!
  • CSS, AUTO-ID LABS, CAREUM, UNIVERSITY OF ST. GALLEN suggested how we can help people and the environment at the same time
  • HUAWEI gave us some tools to get great results

What it does

The Plastic App will let you challenge your friends to go finding & collecting plastic around.

While cleaning the environment you will also find out how many calories you the burned, and how much you walked around.

Thanks to this, we are challenging people to get fit while doing the best for the world!

How I built it

We used:

  • react-native for the app development
  • tensor-flow for the ML object recognition with coco-SSD algorithm
  • HMS Health Kit for calories detection and fitness activity tracking

Challenges I ran into

  • Setting up the HMS was quite difficult but in the end, we made it!

What's next for Gaming The Environment

  • We are still trying to add the following features:
    • QR scanning to join a game
    • Fitnes actity sharing

Built With

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