The inspiration behind the app was our interest in gaming. Since we also saw that donating to nonprofits was a challenge unless someone had money to donate, we combined our interest with this need in order to create the app.

What it does

Gaming for good aims to simplify community support through providing users countless opportunities to donate to various non-profit organizations located in our community. The basis of the app is connecting video game developers to our users in order to generate donations for nonprofit organizations. Video game developers offer ways for people to test out their games in exchange for compensation, often in the form of money. Our app connects people to these game developers and collects the money earned by users of the app to donate to chosen nonprofits.

How we built it

The app was built using xcode and the swift programing language

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we faced was the online setting of the event. This made it harder to divide up work for coding and to plan times for meetings to work on the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team was proud of how we were able to manage our time and complete the project within the time frame. It was a team effort to come up with ideas relating to the team and then develop those ideas further. We were proud of all the great ideas that we came up with and we hope to continue on with some of our other ideas outside of the hackathon.

What we learned

This Hackathon was a new experience for most of the members on our team, and so the entire journey from brainstorm to ideation to final product was a great learning opportunity for all of us. One of the greatest things we learned was how to take the theme and guidelines we were given and build something that addressed that theme, considering our own skills and abilities. We learned how to think through ideas and combine our ideas as a team in order to produce the bet verion of our work.

What's next for Gaming For Good

In order to move forward with the app, the plan would be to streamline our concept for the app in terms of how users would connec with the game developers and how the game developers would transfer the money over to us in order to be donated. We would improve the user interface and expand the features of the app to create a better user experience. As the app addresses social justice, we would work towards increasing the number of nonprofits that users can donate to and consider supporting small businesses as well.

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