I love video games, and they are frankly addictive. But what I don't love is how many games out there are time-sinks, they distract them and in the worst cases (mobile apps) they exist solely to waste time, make users buy "credits" or "lives", and bombard you with advertisements. What we need is games that are both fun/addictive, but actually encourage you to be productive rather than slothful. And that's where Gamify My Workflow comes in!

What it does

Gamify My Workflow is a gamification framework built around the MondayOS, complete work tasks to earn in-game lives/credits you can use to play fun/addictive games!

How I built it

The framework was created using a combination of web-technologies, frameworks, and languages (firebase, google-cloud hosting, the mondaySDK, python/flask, etc.) which integrates with the Unity Game Engine to allow for quickly developing new games/apps.

The freebie game - Battles! was written using the Unity Game Engine, it utilizes biome-based procedural generation to create fast and fun levels to play through.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge I ran into was working with the Monday Apps Framework, I am not a ReactJS guy, and after trying for a week to get even a basic view working, I wound up writing a server in flask to handle communication between our database and the MondayOS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The procedural generation algorithm is scratch-built and implements an improved version of Qiskit's Quantum Blurring algorithm to perform

What I learned

I'm a programmer first, so working with 3D models is not my strong suit, but it was fun to learn how to create custom animations in Unity!

I also learned that i am not a fan of ReactJS 😂

What's next for Gamify My Workflow

Oh boy! I've got a lot of plans for this framework moving forward:

  1. Management
    • MondayOS Dashboard Widget
    • Full game customization (for managers)
    • Rewards Management
    • User Management
    • User Analytics
  2. Rewards System
    • In-game rewards
    • Custom rewards
    • Company Leaderboards
  3. Credits System
    • Lives Based (already shipping)
    • Time Based
  4. More Games!
  5. Multiplayer Games!
  6. Android & iOS Games
  7. GamifySDK - So you can integrate MondayOS Gamification into your own games!

Built With

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posted an update

Been pretty sick lately and haven't been able to do much work on this app unfortunately :/

I am however, working on a candy-crush style game at the moment along with extending our backend for game customization and exploring adding in multiplayer features to the platform, so stay tuned!

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