What it does

Gamify, a social media for gamers. Through gamify, gamers could connect to other gamers, and this would help them to explore more games and learn more about gaming and esports. There's a feed option in gamify, which gamers could use to share the photos related to gaming. You could like someone's photo or leave a comment on their photo. There's a forum feature in our app, which players could use to ask questions or take part in a discussion. This would definitely help gamers to learn more about other games. Our app also allows users to write blogs. Gamify also offers a feature to chat with others or to follow them, which would keep them updated about their friends.

How we built it

Gamify, a social media platform for gamers. Gamify is built using flutter and Firebase. With the help of flutter, we were able to create the app for six different platforms. Firebase is used to store the user details, messages, comment, photos, questions, and blogs related to gaming which helps other gamers to explore and learn more about gaming. The front-end uses flutter as our GUI framework.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have had very much coding experience. Also, I used flutter and Firebase after one year and there were many new updates, so it took me some time to go through the documentation. Building the stories feature took me some time as I built it for the first time, which was quite challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to complete the project on time. We were able to complete the front-end work along with the backend. Our team created an excellent UI within a short period of time.

What we learned

We were able to learn more about Figma, through which we made our UI. Our team also went through the Firebase documentation and learned the latest version of Firebase within three days.

What's next for Gamify

I think, this app has a great potential to turn into a big platform with some minor changes. Also, there aren't any platforms which could connect gamers from all around the globe.

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