I really wanted to be able to play simple online games with my dad, but also share our video feeds with each other at the same time. I couldn't find a way to do this simply. With this app i can just share a link with my dad and we can hangout in a video call and play games together.

What it does

It loads html5 canvas based games in an iframe and streams them using webRTC, as well as streaming a video feed, keyboard stroked and mouse position and clicks, allowing everyone in the call to see each other and play games together

How I built it

Built using reactjs on the front-end and nodejs on the backend.

Challenges I ran into

Handling more than two people on the call at one time is challenging. Trying to keep bandwidth usage to a minimum is also challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of potentially breathing new life into many online web games. I'm proud of the fact that by just sharing a link and play games and hangout with people at the same time.

What I learned

Learned a lot about webRTC which i hadn't had much direct interaction with before, it's a very cool technolgoy!

What's next for GameTogether

Polish and allow for different rooms to be created. Add more games, and work on making a room with more than two people in it more robust.

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posted an update

Hi everyone

I’ve just released GameTogether alpha, and the best way you could help out with the project now Would be to simply use the app!

Visit, click ‘create game room’ on the game you want to play, and then share the link with your friends to play with them.

There will be a feedback tab on the left of the screen, if you could report any bugs you find, any suggestions you have, or any positive feedback you might have, that would be great.

Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.


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