With the recent uprise of GameStop's stock share price, many people who have not invested in $GME have been feeling FOMO and left out, me included. To give people a reason and way to celebrate every time GameStop shares go up, the idea of a program that enforces people to dance, jump, or celebrate in their own fashion whenever $GME price increases became something worthy of being made.

What it does

The GameStop Stock Celebrator was made for one and only one purpose only, celebrate whenever $GME rises. When the user runs this program, at a specific time interval (determined by the user), one of a variety of videos is chosen and played if the price of GameStop stock has increased.

How it was built

This program was built using Python, the Yahoo Finance API, and the moviepy library.


While this program was built mainly for humor purposes, the concept of using stock data in a program is something I am familiarizing myself to, and I am glad I learned about the Yahoo Finance API because it can be a super useful tool in future projects

What's next for GameStop ($GME) Stock Celebrator

Like the stock market itself, the future of the GameStop Stock Celebrator is unpredictable. Perhaps there will be a new intuitive GUI included in this program. Perhaps there will be more videos added to the collection. Maybe I'll even add $AMC to the tickers that are tracked.

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