Inspiration: I wanted to capitalize on a previous application I made, a Rate My Professor application, and integrate the idea of an inventory manager.

What it does: Allows the user to manage a list of items. Item prices are found by scanning the product's page on GameStop.

How we built it: Built in Java, used Gradle and Jsoup (HTML Parser).

Challenges we ran into: Problems parsing GameStop's HTML, due to inconsistencies we had to work around. There were challenges regarding using Java's Scanner class and buffer reading.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Ability to pass all roadblocks and learn programming skills in a single day. Being able to parse a website's HTML code to return a price.

What we learned: More on HTML parsing, writing to text files in Java, and more on exception handling.

What's next for GameStop Inventory Manager: Expand to other websites, maybe compare prices.

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