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What it does

Our website provides a platform for users to discuss stocks. Users can upvote and comment on stocks and view historical vote counts and comment data from other users to guide completely sound and well researched finance decisions

How I built it

GameStonk was built using React. The sign in page directs to our stock dashboard that provides trending stocks and comments as well as the users current stocks. The React frontend communicates with our backend REST API. The backend is written in Golang and is hosted on a Google Compute Engine VM. Our backend stores user data on a managed cockroachDB cloud kubernetes cluster which is also hosted on Google Cloud platform.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into was calling the REST API on React. Sorting the information with a simplistic UI was also difficult, as all of us are still beginners when it comes to creating React apps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

GameStonks is a way to track trending stocks and your stocks. It has a simple and easy to use UI and provides many ways to advocate for a policy. We are proud of successfully calling the REST API to return the popular stocks and comments.

What we learned

We learned new APIs such as the REST API in React for the first time. Working on this website was great experience and we are looking forward to adding more features to help people connect on similar interests!

What's next for GameStonks

Unfortunately we were not able to implement all of our desired user stories in the short hackathon, but in the future we plan to add them. These include: visualizing the most upvoted stocks, visualizing the most commented on stocks, visualizing the most used words in comments on stocks, & extra quality of life enhancements (Better UI, login, more visualizations, etc).

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