I made a project that won a Bloomberg sponsored Hackathon in 2014 which won 2 out of 3 prizes. It is now still active but we want to expand our app portfolio. We created this entire concept called "GameSTEM" only during the duration of this Hackathon. This is the idea of a revolutionary new app/business that is meant for the purpose of teaching kids STEM through game design courses, custom quizzes, as well as have even an interactive "ChatBot".

What it does

The app is going to be centered around an HTML based mobile UI and the final version will either continue using Wordpress or be based fully off of Titanium HTML or Bootstrap's development platform. It is centered around the beginning of a concept where "students" learn STEM through interactive courses, quizzes, and even have access to a self learning bot that can teach kids AI and eventually more advanced gaming concepts. They can make two different games: A 3D platformer or Flappy Bird. Right now though, if this app gets released we will have a lower cost subscription model and create more courses as well as revamp it to have a fully interactive platform.

How I built it

The interactive UI is built off of MarvelApp, then we use some basic HTML. The games courses were already built but edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro. We also have a Wordpress dashboard that uses a publically available version of the Wordpress API as well as has a customized bot plugin and quiz system.

Challenges I ran into

Everything is hosted on a localhost just for demo purposes but this may fully go live later on

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ability to sort of show off an entire concept like this in an extremely short period of time

Built With

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