We're very passionate about seeing more women in tech, and specifically in games, one of the subsets of tech where women are most excluded. The media we consume affects all of us, and if women are poorly represented in media, it contributes to larger patterns of stigma. By including more women in the game-making process, we could greatly ameliorte how women are portrayed in games, but also how real women who work in the industry are treated by their peers.

What it does

Our web page was built to be informational above all: we've compiled information on influencial female game developpers and current important women in the industry and in video game fandom. We've also included helpful resources, tips and information for women trying to get into games, be it as gamers or as part of the industry.

How I built it

We used CSS and HTML, with jQuery to come up with a template and using GitHub to coordinate our efforts.

Challenges I ran into

HTML, CSS and GitHub are new tools for all of us, so naturally we ran into problems with them because of their unfamiliarity. We also had trouble creating a account.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use GitHub, CSS and HTML.

What I learned

Basic usage of HTML, CSS and GitHub.

To see the website, please go to the home.html file.

What's next for Games4Dames

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