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We wanted a way to easily determine if a tweet was a gamer tweet or not.

What it does

This application takes in a tweet url and uses deep learning to calculate a Gamer Tweet Percentage (GTP) for the given tweet and output it to the user.

How We built it

This backend was built in python, using the Twython library to access the Twitter API and analyze tweets. The sklearn library to perform logistic regression on our dataset. Our frontend was built using the Flask and Node frameworks

Challenges We ran into

Understanding the machine learning process and how to curate an acceptable dataset, as well as correctly interfacing that with the frotend

Accomplishments that We're proud of

being able to calculate an f1 score with our dataset

What We learned

Machine Learning Stuff

What's next for Gamer Tweet Detector

Clean up data curation scripts, and further improve our data model.

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