We hold a LAN event every year and we were looking for an easy way to share information about people who were attending that way they could find people who play similar games who might want to join them in a match of Counter Strike, League of Legends and more!

What it does

Allows attendees to enter their gamer tags for various platforms as well as their name. With this anyone attending the event could have access to the site to add people who are playing similar games on their favorite platforms and maybe meet a new friend. In the end it is meant to be a tool that connects others and allows people to meet someone new and possibly make a new friend too!

How we built it

We used C# for processing insertion of the user's information into the database by generating SQL insertions into the table and for retrieving information from the MySQL database we set up on Azure. We then used ASP.NET, XHTML and CSS for the part that the user would be interacting with by entering their information, viewing the site, making the site presentable and showing the current list of gamer-tags, games and platforms that attendees are on. All of this is running on Azure along side a MySQL database that is on Azure as well.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using Azure and it was difficult getting the database to cooperate with queries for information. We also struggled with continuous deployment using Git but instead we decided to connect to the server using FTP to allow for faster modification of files without much hassle. In the end we overcame both of those and made something we can be proud of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting Azure to work. Since this was our first time using Azure it was definitely seemed like an overwhelming task. It made us feel really accomplished after we actually were able to access the site through Azure and get the database working right along side of it.

What we learned

That Azure can be difficult to get started with but in the end it is a great site to work with. The most we learned was probably with Azure and how to use it. It has a lot to get used to but in the end it is more than excellent to work with.

What's next for Gamer-Tag Database: Share Gamer-Tags at Your Event!

We would definitely like to clean the site up a bit more and use a framework such as Bootstrap to make things look cleaner. We also want to implement a mobile aspect that will update you when a new person registers their information on the site through either a mobile notification or email.

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