We found that there are few on-chain data analysis tools in the GameFi ecosystem, but GameFi users especially need such tools to help them make better investment decisions.

What it does

GamePhylum is a Web3 platform that vertical to the GameFi ecosystem, It takes value to users in early stage by core feature include deep on-chain data analysis tool, P2E Game research reports and P2E game raider. In the long term it will have GamePhylum DAO & GamePhylum Gaming Guild & P2E game live steaming & E-sport and other important features for GameFi ecosystem. Eventually, traffic monetization will come back to users. Open the GamePhylum and know everything about GameFi.

How we built it

We divide our users into two parts, one for entry-level users and one for professional investors. For entry-level users, what they need to know is what game to invest in, how much to invest, how much they can earn, how long it takes to pay back, and what is the background of the game, so we will show basic information in these aspects, especially the payback period, we will have detailed ROI charts and tables for each game's different gameplay. And for professional investors, we will show them deep on-chain data charts.

Challenges we ran into

We need to clean a lot of data on the GameFi chain We need to customize the data for each P2E game and measure the ROI of its different gameplay

Built With

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