Concentration plays one of the major role in any person's life whether it be a student or working person. My theme revolves around health as well as education since in both for a healthy person him/her to be concentrated is important and for A good student concentration plays a major role. Often we hear from our mates about "how they can't concentrate" or "I don't know how to code in interview my mind wouldn't cope up with me " or "In exams I can't solve answers", I realized all these problems are due to one reason lack of concentration and lack of their brain's responsiveness i.e only one part of brain is dominant , both of them are not working at same pace.

What it does

Initially this game might seem a simple snake game but actually just by 4 arrows this game create a co-ordination of your brain and hands , and accordingly make you concentrated and your non-dominant part of brain active .It is really helpful for students and also for every age group.

How we built it

I built it using QOOM app with HTML, CSS. JSON , JAVASCRIPT

Challenges we ran into

Time complexity and errors in building game

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Used first time Qoom app to make a responsive website, First game made by me along with it did whole coding in really less time. Along with it we will enhance more options for people to increase their capabilities

What we learned

If you concentrate and believe in yourself you can accomplish it!

What's next for GameOfConcentration

Will add more challenges which will enhance its purpose

{My code is on Qoom : This is the main code and rest you can see in video}

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