The enhancement of the gaming experience using the emotions of the gamer as feedback to developing the game story.

What it does

Lights up gaming gear according to the users mood. Real-time monitoring of gamer emotions which primarily has 2 use cases:

- understanding how a gamer reacts to a game. This can be verified against initial expectations of the game development.

How I built it

Use of Logitech gear for gamer feedback and use of MS API for mood recognition and analysis. Development of different aspects done in parallel by team members Python is the base programming language

Challenges I ran into

The speech recognition was not compatible and no devices lets us monitor users use. The Plotly API requests exhausted themselves over the 2 days (2 hours before presentation :) )

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completion of a working demo

What I learned

What's next for gamEmotion

Use of Speech and real-time feedback from monitoring website.

Built With

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