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About the Master

GameMaster can be found at +1-615-8100404 (@game_master) at Telegram. Add him to a group chat or individually to view his powers!

Play with the Master

GameMaster brings his games everywhere to share with everyone! Choose one of the following few games he has in stock to play with your friends!

Helpful GameMaster

GameMaster will explain succintly how to employ his services, by typing ':help:' More comprehensive instructions on each games and tips can be seen by asking GameMaster with ':help "gamename":' where gamename can HANGMAN or ROLLCALL etc.


Hangman is a classic game that is known to many. In hangman, the game host would have a word in mind and the other players would have to guess the word, either letter by letter or the whole world itself.

To start the hangman game, type .HANGMAN.. One word will be randomly chosen and your group will have to guess it in the minimum number of attempts.

To guess, you may either guess one letter at a time by doing .C. / .u. or the entire word such as .cat.. The guesses are case-insensitive. GameMaster will respond accordingly depending whether your guesses are correct.

Number Guessing

The number guessing game is a nostalgic game for many in their childhood years. In this variant, GameMaster will think of a number between 1 and 1000 inclusive. The group will then try to guess the number in the smallest number of attempts.

To start the number guessing game, type [GUESS]. One number between 1 and 1000 will be randomly selected by GameMaster.

To guess, one will need to guess a number by typing commands [123] or [1000] to guess number 123 and 1000 respectively. GameMaster will limit the number range to your guesses. If the number is [250] and you guessed [500] Gamemaster will tell you the number is between 1 to 500.


RollCall is a game usually played during camp to take attendance of a particular group. The aim of the game is for group members to count to a certain number without repetition or interruption.

To start the rollcall game, type (ROLLCALL). You will then be prompted to start the rollcall.

To commence or continue the roll call, you are to count integer numbers starting from (1) and ending with (100). A classic game will go like: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) ... (99), (100). If a number is repeated or a wrong number is used, the counter will reset to 0 and players have to start the roll call from (1) again.


Mastermind is a popular board game that is GameMaster's favourite as they have a common word of Master. The aim of the game is to guess what arrangement of pins GameMaster has in RAM.

To start the Mastermind game, type /MASTERMIND/. You can then Guess combinations of four pins from five colours (R/G/B/Y/P) like this '/RGBY/or/GBYP/`. GameMaster will hint hint whether you have correct coloured pins in the correct position and whether your pins are of the right colour but in the wrong positions. You have up to 10 tries to beat GameMaster.


Sabo is a very most popular game where GameMaster randomly sabos one schmuck and points him/her out at the mercy of the group. Call #sabopls to sabo anyone in the group! Totally random!sequentially. To start the Mastermind game, type /MASTERMIND/. Guess combinations of four from five colours like this '/RGBY/or/GBYP/`. To know more about each game type :help xxxxx: where xxxx is the game name.

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