We wanted to make a game that would be virtual while keeping the real aspect of the game in real life. Therefore, we came up with the real-time tracker in order to promote strategic thinking and placement of "players" in a live real-time team game environment. We also wanted to make a team game in which each team could work together more effectively using our real-time map.

What it does

Our real-time map essentially tracks the players of your team, locating the longitude and latitude coordinates of each of the players of your team. A "commander" or "general" of the team can then be allowed to overview the game and execute strategic plans by communicating to the players of his team. We wanted the game to be as applicable as possible, so we let the ends loose by allowing for a variety of games to be played using our game utility. Games like capture the flag, Hide and Seek, and a team battle can easily be played in real life with a strong promotion of strategy using this app.

How I built it

We built it using a variety of API's and using XCode to build the overall application. We used API's such as Firebase as a server and the iOS MapKit in order to determine the precise location of players. We decided to split the work up in terms of different tasks, such as reading and writing to the server, calculations to determine the locations of players on a map, and the user interface in XCode.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we ran into was being able to use Swift 4, the language of XCode, since the majority of us have never touched XCode in the past. However, we were able to learn fairly quickly and contribute to the project. Another issue we ran into was using the Firebase API and the iOS MapKit API, which took hours of experimentation and research. We eventually prevailed by working together and sharing knowledge which helped us confront the problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create a server, read from it and write to it in the limited timeframe we were given. Additionally, many of us were able to learn Swift from the pit. Finally, the UI was put together quite nicely.

What I learned

We learned that using different API's can be challenging, but we also learned how to confront it. We also learned how to use Swift 4 in XCode, as well as using Firebase and the iOS MapKit. We learned how to manage and split up the work among group members. Finally, we learned to collaborate as a team and help each other in the best ways we can.

What's next for Real Life Strategy

We will implement more options for physical games to be able to implement and use, such as wards, currency generated around the map, and possibly even AR additions as the game can be brought to more complex levels.

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