Based on real-world data, the game rental platform plays a key role in completing the loop of "experience to payment”, transferring users from using premium accounts into spending in game with independent accounts.

What it does

Gameland platform is a rental platform, which is designed to help game users experience high-end games at the lowest price, integrate the benefits of Defi, provide users experience to earn , open up the boundaries between players and games, and feed back the area blockchain games in multiple dimensions, bring new upgrades to blockchain games.

How we built it

By reducing the price, time and other thresholds, Gameland aims to improve users‘ acceptance of the scarce attributes of high-value accounts, and obtain a better gaming experience;Meanwhile, many gold farmers can also use the "sharing" mode to activate account assets, and increase the return value of the account.

Services provided by gameland Game NFT rental service: Game NFT Pets Game NFT Assets

Gameland extended service game NFT product integration service Game NFT transaction service

Game DAO service Gameland DAO Game community Game Guild DAO

Challenges we ran into

Currently gameland is exploring two major issues in blockchain games:

  1. The cross-chain model of blockchain game nft, in many game nft environments, how to realize the cross-chain leasing of different game nft
  2. For the lease authority of blockchain game nft, we have proposed the concept of nft authority. Blockchain game nft should have different authority management, such as nft ownership, use right and lease right, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

gameland we have completed the design of the overall game framework and the development of the basic model

What's next for gameland

Q3 2021 Testnet launch : including lending, borrowing, withdraw and liquidation etc.

Q4 2021 Bugs fixing and function optimizations: imposing a fine as penalty instead of confiscating the collaterals

Collateral Free Rentals: direct project integrations with NFT games/projects enabling collateral free renting

L2 Solutions Support: Solana

DAO Launch/Rollout : including Game Guild DAO and Gameland Governance DAO

Further blockchains/defi integrations (e.g: Aave and Compound): according to market demands/activity

Full Rental Statistics Dashboard

Live leaderboard showing top renters and lenders (With special NFT rewards to gamify experience)

Built With

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