Inspiration was drawn from my own inexperiences and my peers inexperiences of understanding how to handle money or knowing what things money could do. Money is often a taboo topic rarely talked about in schools. However, schools should be initiating the conversation about how to handle money effectively so students don't fall into debt or so students get to apply the general finance tips to their own lives.

What it does

Gamel is a web application that offers resources about Finance, Budgeting, and Investing through gaming. Gamel is essentially a game center that students and others can use to gain the finance knowledge they need to know for the real world. Check out the resources and you'll get lost having fun and learning about finance!

How it was built

This website was built with a few pages of HTML and CSS. To fufill the backend functionality of some features and aspects of the website we used Javascript, and jQuery!

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the dark mode/light mode feature was definitely something that was a difficult task. This was my first solo project and I'm still new to HTML, CSS, and Javascript so attempting to understand how the feature would work was tough. Though including this feature is super important and learning the skills along the way made it worth it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of & what was learned

Accomplishments that I'm proud of is implementing the user interface. With the use of I was able to understand a lot about house CSS works. I'm also super proud of implementing a Javascript backend. I'm a total beginner when it comes to Javascript and doing this project helped me learn a lot about it and jQuery too.

What's next for Gamel

Some things that are upcoming are adding my own coded finance games to the Pro+ feature. In order to fufill this task the best I plan on learning about finance myself so I could share the education and knowledge with other students like me. If this upcoming generation is equipped with this knowledge about money then a lot of choices about our society, when it comes to poverty and other economic situations, can be changed.

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